LMLK News Overflow 2003-11-18

[This post is from an archive; the original message was sent Tue 11/18/2003 7:22 PM while I was midway through writing my LMLK vol. 1 book. Visit www.lmlk.com/research/lmlk_arad.htm to see the Arad handles.]

1) I met Ze’ev Herzog last night & he gave me photos of 4 of the 10 Arad handles. Three are x2x; one is a Z2U. I’m thrilled but paradoxically disappointed because when I got home, I realized that none of them were the 2 stratified handles described in “Arad Inscriptions” as H2x that I was led to believe he was studying in New York. It bothers me a great deal because one has been corrected to a 9th century stratum–the first & only known example!

2) The first counterfeit LMLK handle has appeared on the market but was refused by the antiquities dealer (whom I’d prefer not to name). Since no photos of it were allowed, all I know is that it had both an x2x & a Personal stamp.

3) The president of McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago has granted me permission to examine AND photograph their handles from Beth Zur.

4) The curator of The Museum of Archaeology & Biblical History in Albuquerque has granted me permission to examine their handles (unspecified quantity & provenance). Been waiting for someone to definitively tell me whether I can photograph them or not–very frustrating!

5) I’m combining the trip to Chicago & Albuquerque the week of the International Symposium on Archaeology & the Bible in January (19-23) so that I can also attend the 3-hour seminar on ancient pottery & 3-hour lecture by my LMLK hero, Amihai Mazar!

G.M. Grena


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