Sun Of Righteousness

Today’s “Days of Praise” article from ICR was originally published on Aug 18, 1998 by its founder, Dr. Henry Morris. Here’s a direct link to it on their website, but I’d like to cite interesting portions of it here:

[Malachi 4:2] is the very last of the numerous Messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. … The Sun of righteousness clearly refers to the coming Savior, for He will come “with healing in His wings.” The sun does not have wings, of course, so many commentators think this word refers to the rays of the sun, with their life-sustaining energy. However, the Hebrew word means “wings,” and nothing else. It is as though the sun is rising rapidly on great wings, dispelling the world’s darkness with its light, dispensing healing to its sin-sick soul. The Sun of righteousness, of course, can be none other than God Himself…

The 2-winged icon on LMLK seals easily resolves this dispute since it has both wings AND rays!

G.M. Grena


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