Just a quick note for posterity that today (July 30th, 2012), I executed a revocable living trust to transfer my property (including a bunch of broken jar handles) after my departure. And no, I don’t expect to leave soon.

Make me like a child of clay.

G.M. Grena


6 Responses to “RLT LMLK”

  1. pithom Says:

    An M4x has been discovered at Azekah! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5I9dJZ9fTk

  2. pithom Says:

    Looks more like an M4L than M4C.

    • G.M. Grena Says:

      Today I formally classified it on the S4L page of the LMLK Research Website. If by chance I’m shown to be totally wrong after the excavators clean & formally publish it with nice shadowing, they can have the pleasure of demonstrating how unreliable I am at this stuff. It won’t be my first mistake! Note that today I also changed the title of this post because I goofed on the proper terminology being RL instead of LR. I’m much better with seal inscriptions than with legal mumbo-jumbo. Thanks again for alerting me to the video. I’m planning to post a separate blog about it, but I’d also like to post one about my messages that were edited & rejected from the recent Garfinkel article on BibleInterp. Decisions, decisions…

    • G.M. Grena Says:

      Our remarks about the upside-down goof have been deleted from the YouTube page. Censorship has always been the hallmark of great scientists & scholars, right?

      • pithom Says:

        I’m puzzled. Why would the good people who run the Tel Azekah YouTube channel delete our well-written, perfectly on-topic comments?

  3. By Jove! Censorship at Azekah! « Against Jebel al-Lawz Says:

    […] people at the Tel Azekah YouTube channel have deleted one of mine and all of George Grena’s comments! This means […]

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