Be My Guest

Today’s LMLK blog comes courtesy of Israel Finkelstein in the new issue of Tel Aviv (Volume 39, Number 2, November 2012 , p. 4), of which he is the Editor:

In their article, ‘Royal Judahite Jar Handles: Reconsidering the Chronology of the lmlk Stamp Impressions’, published in Tel Aviv 37/1 (2010): 3–32, authors Lipschits, Sergi and Koch divided the lmlk seal impressions into two groups, those produced before Sennacherib’s 701 BCE campaign and those after. As a result of what I consider to be an honest oversight, Lipschits et al. failed to cite G.M. Grena, who proposed a somewhat similar division in his 2004 book, LMLK—A Mystery Belonging to the King [vol. 1]. Figures 1–2 in Lipschits et al.’s article were created based on a plate that appears on the back cover of Grena’s book. The plate is in the public domain.

Israel Finkelstein

G.M. Grena


2 Responses to “Be My Guest”

  1. pithom Says:

    Similar thing here-Gordon Franz linked to my analysis of Ron Wyatt’s Ark of the Covenant on his blog.

  2. pithom Says:

    The second known video on lmlk seals/impressions on YouTube is up-unfortunately, it’s just a reading of the Wikipedia article. I should have made a video on lmlk impressions in early August when I had the time.

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