Comparing APLs and Eagles

On p. 21 of my Lv1 book, the note under Fig. 3 includes a homemade acronym for the 3 “almost-parallel Lines” seen on the x2x icons: “APL”. When I began writing it in 2003, my goal was to remain as objective/neutral as possible with regard to the various interpretations of the icon (sun rays, light beams, scroll folds, bird feathers, or something else). On the next page, Fig. 4 showed an eagle since the icon had been interpreted thus; in fact, my drawing came from an actual museum placard:

2-winged eagle icon

As I went for my typical walk around the block during a work-break yesterday, I was practically floored to see the following gigantic logo staring at me from the side of an 18-wheeler truck, which was making a delivery to a yoga-mat warehouse:


It turns out to be one of the oldest shipping companies in business, American President Lines (named thus after its ships, which were named after … wait for it … American presidents). That photo’s cropped from their website since it resembles the blue truck I saw (& I pasted a blue-letter version from their website that isn’t angled). Here’s a direct link to a large, detailed version of their logo (protected by copyright) at WikiMedia.

G.M. Grena


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