The Loma Linda Broadcasting Network not only televises the annual post-Thanksgiving Heritage Singers concert I attend at Loma Linda University Church, but also a series of half-hour shows from nearby La Sierra University: “Excavating the Bible:  Archaeology and the Bible, Book by Book”. It’s hosted by Dr. Doug Clark, who discusses archeological topics with Drs. Lawrence Geraty, Kent Bramlett, & concentric-circles expert, Chang Ho Ji.

This weekend I finally took the time to peruse some of the 152 episodes, & LMLK seals were mentioned & shown in shows 96 & 114 for 2Kings 18-20 & Isaiah 36-39 respectively. Dr. Bramlett expresses his opinion in support of the seal words representing cities of origin, & the jars’ distribution in the context of a revolt against Assyria. He also mentions an ongoing debate regarding the duration of LMLK usage, possibly extending to Josiah’s reign.

Unfortunately, the handles shown in this episode are too far from the camera for me to identify, & actually one of them looks non-LMLK. It’s also unfortunate that LMLKs were not mentioned in the episode for 2Chronicles, which places more of an emphasis on the worship-reformation led by Hezekiah. Be that as it may, it’s always nice to see these artifacts getting some TV airtime.

I’m embedding both videos below as a courtesy, but if you visit them directly on YouTube, you can see comments I posted with links to the LMLK-segment timing.

G.M. Grena


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