TAU Lachish Fragment #2

Last month I continued practicing what I preached 6 years ago to Morag Kersel on the ASOR Blog, acquiring another piece of pottery excavated & marketed by David Ussishkin’s Tel Aviv University team (which included Gabriel Barkay). Unfortunately the full text & photos I posted there (including a photo of my 1st Lachish shard) are no longer available (at least not on my computer using the current IE & FF browsers), even while logged into my ASOR account. Although there’s a link on that page to show “more” after displaying my foreword, it’s unresponsive … just like ASOR’s staff when I sent an E-mail to them about the problem. As President Trump would say, “Not good.”

This 2nd fragment complements the first one because of its distinct ware/firing. Instead of an orange exterior & gray interior (indicating a lower temperature), this second one has a tan/cream-colored exterior & orange interior (indicating a higher temperature). The lucite encasements have approximately the same shape & size, but slightly different face-angles. And this 2nd one also included rubber pads, though it’s shorter than the 1st one without them.

G.M. Grena


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